How to Submit a Product

Manufacturer's Guide

To download the September 14, 2016 version of the DLC Manufacturer's Guide in English, click here. To view in Mandarin, click here.

To submit a product to be added to the Qualified Products List (QPL), please review the information throughout this section to understand the DLC application process, including product performance requirements, supporting documentation requirements, and appropriate application fees. Below is an overview of the process:

STEP 1: Make sure your product is eligible - Review the available product categories and technical requirements. Your product must be marketed as and intended for an available category to be eligible for qualification.

STEP 2: Read the application instructions - These instructions will guide you through the file uploading process and explain the details of the application form. Please review this in detail to ensure the most efficient review of your application.

STEP 3: Read the Lab Testing Requirements page - This page lists the testing laboratory requirements for test reports to be accepted by the DLC.

STEP 4: Read the FAQ page - If you have additional questions, please read the FAQs page. FAQs are updated regularly to reflect the most current DLC policies.

STEP 5A: Complete the application - The QPL application requirements are analogous to those of ENERGY STAR. The application form has five main parts: application contact information, model information, photometric and electrical data, lumen maintenance data, and document checklist. Each section needs to be filled out completely and supported by the submission of documents listed: IES LM-79 test reports, LM-80 report, In-Situ Temperature Measurement test report, and full IES files. See application instructions for information about all the necessary documents.

STEP 5B: Submit products to LED Lighting Facts - The DLC requires that most products be listed with the LED Lighting Facts program to be listed on the DLC QPL. For single product applications, please follow the instructions on the Single Products application instructions page. For product family group applications, please follow the instructions on the Family Groupings applications instructions page.

STEP 6: Upload the application materials - Application forms are completed offline, then uploaded through a manufacturer's password-protected account. If you do not yet have an account, you may create one at the New Manufacturer page. For more information about creating and maintaining your manufacturer account, click here.

STEP 7: Make payment - After you submit the application materials, a DLC reviewer will determine if the application and supporting documentation are complete within 2 business days for Single applications and 5 busines days for Private Label and Family Grouping applications. You will then receive an email with instructions to pay the appropriate application fees or to provide additional information to the DLC reviewer. You may pay by credit card or check. *Credit card is preferable.* We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

STEP 8: Your DLC reviewer will provide feedback - The contractor will email you within 5 business days for Private Label applications, and within 10 business days for Single and Family Grouping applications to let you know which of the following conditions applies to your application:

Condition 1: The manufacturer is missing information, required information is insufficiently documented, there is an error on an independent lab test, or the performance information shows the product does not meet the requirements. The DLC reviewer will identify the specific areas in the application that need attention and allow applicant to fix problems and errors and resubmit. An application showing product performance does not meet the category requirements may not be resubmitted; it must be submitted as a new application with updated application materials and the appropriate application fee.

Condition 2: The manufacturer has completed its application properly and the product meets all of the DLC requirements. The manufacturer will receive notification of qualification when the product is listed on the QPL. This application will then appear as complete in the manufacturer's account.

STEP 9: Revise application if necessary - Applicants that fall under Condition 1 may make the necessary changes to the offline form and submit the updated application materials to the DLC reviewer.

STEP 10: The DLC reviewer will provide the final feedback - The contractor will contact the manufacturer about the re-submitted application. If the manufacturer made all necessary corrections to the original application, the contractor will provide notification of qualification (STEP 8 Condition 2).

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