Horticultural Lighting Listing Fees

Horticultural Lighting Listing Fees

The DLC application fee covers the costs of application review, as well as in developing, creating, and hosting the informational infrastructure of the Horticultural QPL. The specific fee amount is dependent on the particular characteristics of the horticultural fixture, as described in the price table below.

Please review the Technical Requirements page to clarify any policy requirements, and contact horticulture@designlights.org with any questions about submitting an application to the DLC.

Horticutural Fixture Feature


Basic fixture, with one LED type, one driver, no fan, and no spectral tuning $750
Additional LED type included in fixture (Q90 verification) $115
Additional driver available in fixture (lifetime & efficiency verification) $105
Internal fan included in fixture (lifetime verification) $45
Spectral tuning (per channel flux verification) $125
Q90 verification of converted, non-PPF-based LM-80 data, per LED type $125