Horticultural Lighting Review Timelines

Application Review Timelines

NOTE: Review Timeline During the Interim Application Period
During the interim application period, the DLC anticipates review times extending to 60 days. Therefore, we suggest that manufacturers who do not have a critical need to list products to consider waiting until after the interim period to submit, as review timelines will be shorter. For details about the interim application period, please reference the Interim Application Period Guidance for V2.0 

After you submit your application, a DLC reviewer will determine if the application and supporting documentation are complete. You will then receive an email with instructions to pay the appropriate application fees or to provide clarification on one or more questions in the application. See the table below for review time frames:

Review timelines listed below are specific to the HORT program, the SSL program has different review timelines.

Product Type


Base Product

10 Business Days

*Advanced Product

15 Business Days

*An advanced product includes at least one of the following:

  • more than one LED
  • more than one driver
  • fans, and/or
  • spectral tuning abilities

A base product does not include any additional features.

    • If clarification on one or more questions is required and provided, the review timeframe to evaluate the new information or documentation is five business days. No information will be reviewed until the application is resubmitted.
    • DLC reserves the right to extend any application review timeframes due to holidays and application volume spikes. These extensions will be communicated via the DLC website and the application portal.
    • NOTE: Closed/Canceled/Rejected applications cannot not be re-opened and instead require that a new application be created. To avoid having to create a new application, please either provide missing info/documentation within 10 business days of being notified of issues, or provide an estimated timeframe for submitting the missing info/documentation within 10 business days of being notified of issues.