Update Applications

Update a Listed Horticultural Fixture

What is an update application?
An update application is a revised application to reflect new product information since the original submission.  Only products that have been submitted, accepted, paid, and posted to the Horticultural QPL are able to be updated.

What can be submitted as an update application versus a new product application?
The following product updates are eligible to be submitted as an update application:

  • Nomenclature/brand name updates
  • Non-radiometric and/or non-worst-case performance affecting updates
  • Performance updates to:
    • LED chip(s)/module(s)/array(s)
    • Driver
    • Optical System
    • Heat Sink/Fan
    • Spectral Tuning
    • Dimming

This list is not exhaustive and is only intended to act as a general guide. If you do not believe your update type is included above, please email the DLC Horticultural Team at horticulture@designlights.org before submitting an update application.

What is the fee for an update application?
The fee for an update application depends on the type of updates made to the product. Please refer to the Listing Fees webpage for more information.

What is the review timeline for an update application?
Update applications will follow regular horticultural application review timelines, available on the Application Review Timelines webpage.


How to Submit a Horticultural Update Application

  1. Determine if your qualified product is eligible for an update application.

    See the list of eligible product updates above to determine whether your listed product may submit an update application, or if your product update requires a new product application.

  2. Gather required materials and documentation for the update application.

    Required information is dependent on the changes to the product. DLC reviewers must fully understand design changes and how those changes impact performance before determining what test data is needed. The DLC may request additional information to confirm update eligibility at its own discretion. The following information and documentation are required for all update applications, at a minimum:

    • An explanation of the purpose of the update application
      • 1-3 sentences provided in the modal popup window at the beginning of the update process.
    • New product specification sheet(s)
      • Provided as response to application question ‘#1. Specification Sheet’ in the Product Information application section.
    • Safety documentation compliant with the latest safety policy
      • Provided as a response to application question ‘#8. Attach Safety Documentation’ in the General Function application section.
    • Safety File / Record Number corresponding to safety documentation
      • Provided as a response to application question ‘#7. Safety File / Record Number’ in the General Function application section.
  3. Find your original product application in the DLC Application Portal.

    Log in to the Application Portal at designlights.org/my-account. Click the Applications tab at the top of your manufacturer dashboard and open the original product application. If you know the original application code or the application name, use the search bar to find the application and click the eye icon to open it.

    Applications tab

    If you do not know the original code or application name export all of your applications into a CSV file to find the appropriate submission.

    Export all applications

    If you are still unsure of your application code, email horticulture@designlights.org with the name of the manufacturer and the product ID.

  4. Open your original application and update the product data.

    Once inside the original application, click the Products tab and select Update/Relist Product(s) in the green banner.

    Update/relist products

    Fill out the update application details and click Create Update Application. Once your application has been created, click the gray Make Changes button to update your product information.

    Make Changes

    Upload new documents or make modifications to text fields to reflect your new product data. All previously-reviewed data in the original submission will remain viewable in the Application Portal and will be automatically pulled into the update application.

    To upload a new document, first remove the original document by clicking the trash can:

    Remove Document

    The question status will change to Update Required and the file upload mechanism will appear. The document accepted in the original submission will still be available to download.

    Update Required

    After your new document is uploaded, the question status will change to Complete. Be sure to click Save & Continue to save responses to save responses to all edited questions within the same section of the application. The question will be flagged for the DLC reviewer to re-review.

    If you need to update a text field, enter the corrected information and click Save & Continue at the top or bottom of the page. The corrected question status will not refresh until you both save your changes, and refresh the page. 

  5. Submit the updated application for review.

    After all edits have been made, navigate back to the Products tab and click Submit Application on the yellow header. Digitally sign the Self-Certification Statement at the bottom of the page. You will receive an email notification confirming your completed submission.

    Submit Application

  6. A DLC reviewer will review your new application materials.

    Your assigned DLC reviewer will communicate with you through the Application Portal. You will receive email notifications when your reviewer sends you a message and when the application changes status.

  7. Pay the invoice (if needed).

    Once your reviewer accepts all new information, an invoice will be generated. If no application fees are required, you may skip this step. Note that your application status will read "Payment Complete" even though no payment was required.

    If application fees are required, you will receive an email notification that includes a link to pay the invoice. If your update application requires payment, the application status will be “Review Complete: Awaiting Payment”.  Go to the invoice tab to continue with payment. You will receive an email notification once payment is complete.

    Pay Invoice

  8. Your product will be updated on the QPL within 24 hours of invoice payment. 

    You will receive an email notification once your products are updated on the QPL.


Application Notes:

  • The DLC reserves the right to extend any application review timeframe due to holidays and application volume spikes. These extensions will be communicated via the DLC website and the Application Portal.
  • Closed, canceled, or rejected applications cannot not be reopened - instead, a new application must be created. To avoid having to create a new application, please either provide missing information or documentation within 10 business days of being notified of application issues, or provide an estimated time-frame for submitting the missing information or documentation within 10 business days of being notified of issues.