Why Attend

Why Attend this Year's Meeting?


Support solutions-based lighting for your customers.

The DLC is accelerating adoption of high-performing, efficient LED lighting technology. In the US, the penetration of LEDs as of 2016 was less than 13% - collectively, we still have a long way to go. Lighting can save energy in meaningful ways AND positively affect people’s lives at the same time. As we begin to understand human-centric lighting and see the growth of advanced, networked buildings, we can make this the opportunity to leverage technology innovations around quality and controls to optimize the substantial remaining efficiency gains in solid-state lighting.

Redefine quality lighting on the QPL.

Whether you are an end user, program designer, specifier, manufacturer, or lighting specialist, you have a stake in the quality of the light emanating from energy efficient lighting solutions. To maximize the DLC’s mission impact of accelerating the adoption of high-performing commercial lighting solutions, we are putting an increased emphasis on the quality of light and controllability of QPL-listed products. Participate in the continued evolution of lighting specifications that take into account that fact that maximum efficiency can be achieved only when users see value beyond the energy savings.

Roadmap the future for networked lighting controls.

According to the 2018 DLC report "Energy Savings Potential of DLC Commercial Lighting and Networked Lighting Controls, additional energy savings will be significant with aggressive promotion of networked lighting controls in new and existing installations. With persistent support of NLCs, a path exists to maintain C&I lighting portfolios at or above current levels until at least 2028. Still, more needs to be done to understand the use cases to drive mainstream adoption. Join a results-focused conversation on bridging the gap between solid-state lighting and networked lighting controls adoption, and develop solutions to make it easier to promote, specify, and adopt control systems and controls-ready lighting installations.

Experience a highly interactive conference that will inform the development efforts of solid-state lighting and lighting controls.

The 2019 DLC Stakeholder Meeting will be the most interactive DLC meeting to date. Interspersed with panels on cutting-edge lighting topics, there will be an increased focus on interactive discussion sessions to gather feedback on the drafts of SSL Technical Requirements V5.0 and Networked Lighting Controls V4.0. Because new DLC policy efforts seek to continue the trend of merging controls with SSL throughout the lighting industry, the 2019 Meeting will combine the annual DLC Controls Summit with the Stakeholder Meeting.  

This is your consortium: network, network, network.

Through interactive discussion sessions, Structured Networking, and conference-wide networking events, this is a chance to learn from others’ perspectives, represent your organization, and build your network and knowledge base. We will host more Structured Networking this year - one-on-one sessions that increase understanding between individual manufacturers and utility and energy efficiency programs to maximize the impact of incentive programs, collaborate on customer needs, and leverage market opportunities. Conference sponsors receive preference in the selection process.