The DLC will be switching to a new application portal for SSL and Hort applications on January 31, 2022. Any SSL and Hort applications that have been created must be submitted by close of business on January 31 in order to complete their review through the old portal. Any applications that remain unsubmitted on February 1 must be recreated in the new portal. There will be no change for NLC applications at this time. Click for more details.

Webinar: The DLC’s Solid-State Lighting Family Grouping Policy: More Efficient Product Qualification


SSL Family Grouping: More efficient product qualification


On Wed, January 19, 2022 from 1pm-2pm ET, the DLC gave an overview of the DLC SSL Family Grouping Policy and explaining how it can be used to efficiently and cost effectively submit SSL products for qualification to the QPL. (Please note: This webinar pertains to SSL products only.)

Key Takeaways:

  • Benefits of grouping submitted products as families
  • Allowed and disallowed product variations within the Family Grouping Policy
  • How the policy can be used for both initial qualification and update applications