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DLC Stairwell and Passageway Luminaires Category Eligibility Requirements

Products seeking listing on the DLC QPL for the Stairwell and Passageway Luminaire category must be intended to be controlled via occupancy sensors for at least bi-level dimming, to assure that luminaire reverts to lower-power, lower-light output state when there are no occupants in the vicinity. DLC requires that products in the Stairwell and Passageway Luminaires category meet one of the following conditions:

  • Luminaires that include integral controls for occupancy sensing and bi-level dimming.
  • Luminaires that operate off remote occupancy sensors, including wireless options, where a remote sensor(s) is sold packaged together with a luminaire(s) under a single model number or ordering code.
  • Luminaires that operate off remote occupancy sensors, including wireless options, where the luminaire and sensor are sold separately, but the luminaire has features enabling communication with a remote sensor(s).

Documentation must be provided to demonstrate compliance with one of the options above, including clear documentation of at least bi-level dimming functionality (required), and communications ability (if applicable). Features must be designated clearly in the model number. Manufacturers must also declare whether the unit is intended to be surface-mounted or corner-mounted. All performance requirements in Technical Requirements Table v2.1 refer to the full power operating mode.


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