The DLC today launched an online Qualified Products List for networked lighting controls (NLC) – making it easier and faster for architects, building owners, contractors and others to find NLC products best suited for their projects. The new tool is the DLC’s latest effort to broaden adoption of energy-saving and smart building-enabling NLC technologies.

Like the online QPLs for solid-state lighting and horticultural lighting fixtures, the new NLC QPL takes data from the DLC’s previous Excel-based NLC list and converts it to an online, filterable and searchable tool.

“With this new tool, QPL users can narrow the list to view only NLC products with the features they’re interested in,” DLC Executive Director Christina Halfpenny said. “Our goal is to simplify the process of selecting NLC products as we seek to speed widespread adoption of this game-changing technology.”

The new online Networked Lighting Controls QPL

Recent research published by the DLC has illustrated the potential of NLCs to dramatically reduce electricity usage, while providing a gateway to building intelligence. A 2017 study showed that NLCs can boost the energy efficiency of stand-alone LED commercial lighting projects by up to 47 percent. A subsequent 2019 study (Commercial & Industrial Lighting Lifetime and Peak Demand Savings Analysis) found that utility energy efficiency programs that capitalize on system-level lighting efficiency measures – combining lighting technology upgrades with NLCs – could see an additional 22 percent lifetime energy savings on average.

The online NLC QPL improves the search and product comparison process, with filters tailored to identify product features such as manufacturer, ease of installation, wired or wireless communication, energy monitoring, advanced capabilities, and more. Through a customized column menu, users can also search for options appropriate for their specific projects, such as color tuning and cybersecurity features.

For full details on features and tips for how to use the new online NLC QPL, register for the DLC’s December 11 webinar.