Over the last eight months, the DLC has been working on a large research project to develop better estimates of energy savings for new, networked lighting control systems. As part of this work the DLC has been collecting energy data to better understand how this data collected by networked lighting control systems can be more effectively used. The result is a new DLC Report: ENERGY SAVINGS FROM NETWORKED LIGHTING CONTROL (NLC) SYSTEMS.

The results presented in this report provide utilities, regulators, manufacturers, specifiers, and end-users with better estimates of NLC energy savings by utilizing embedded energy reporting capabilities and anonymized performance data from NLC systems across a variety of existing installations. In addition, recommendations from this report could enable easier data collection from future installations. This report brings us a step closer to being able to realize the full potential of energy data from lighting and building systems. 

The DLC set out to address three major goals through this project: improve existing NLC energy savings estimates; create a database to collect performance data; and develop reporting guidelines for utilities and NLC manufacturers. Join us for a webinar to learn about the DLC’s findings and recommendations, and how you can participate in increasing the value of NLC-linked energy savings industry-wide. 


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