The DLC is pleased to announce that the DLC Horticultural QPL is now open for product submissions. View the Horticultural Lighting Application Instructions below to begin the process of submitting a product for qualification. Horticultural applications should be submitted using the same Application Portal as SSL Applications – just be sure to select “Horticultural Application” as your Application Type when creating your application.

DLC qualified horticultural lighting products will be identified with a horticultural-specific DLC product logo, depicted above. This logo denotes that the product is qualified on the DLC Horticultural QPL only – products that are qualified on the DLC Horticultural QPL are not eligible for qualification on the DLC SSL QPL.

The Horticultural Application Process

  1. Ensure your product meets the Technical Requirements.
    Review the Horticultural Technical Requirements to determine whether your fixture is eligible for qualification, meets DLC minimum performance requirements, and has been properly tested.
  2. Gather all required documentation.
    Complete the Required Documentation Checklist to ensure you have the necessary files on hand to complete the horticultural application form. Refer to the Horticultural Application Question Descriptions list for detailed explanations of each question that appears on the horticultural application form.
  3. Create and submit your application using the DLC horticultural web application form.
    You may submit one fixture or multiple fixtures through a single application form, but please note that because each fixture in an application must be reviewed before sending feedback, applications with multiple fixtures will be reviewed more slowly.

If you have any questions about submitting a horticultural application, please email

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