The DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) is pleased to announce the final version to the Surveillance Testing policy.

The policy will be discussed during an informational webinar held on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 1:00 PM EDT. Please register for the webinar here:


The Surveillance Testing policy is designed to preserve the value of the SSL QPL for all stakeholders by ensuring that product data on the QPL is accurate. The DLC has circulated two previous iterations of this policy, titled Product Verification Performance Testing and Surveillance Testing, through the Stakeholder Input Process and received many comments on those drafts. Those comments informed and guided the final policy.


Surveillance testing will begin in January 2017. The process will start with the selection of products, followed by procurement and testing (which may last several weeks). Please note, if a product is selected for testing and is not able to be procured (e.g., it is no longer available for sale or manufactured), that will be considered a declination to participate and thus be subject to the consequences listed in the policy. As always, manufacturers may voluntarily de-list their products from the QPL at any time without penalty. With the Surveillance Testing program, this must occur prior to being selected for testing in order to avoid potential consequences. Please e-mail for more information on de-listing any of your organization’s products.

Targeted Random Sampling

In order to maximize the use of limited resources, the Surveillance Testing program will utilize a “targeted random sampling” approach. This means that products meeting certain criteria will be targeted (see policy for current list of criteria), and within that targeted group, a given number of products will be chosen at random. If products meet several of the targeted criteria (e.g., the product is close to meeting the Technical Requirements, the manufacturer declined to participate in a previous round of testing, and there have been validated complaints from industry), there will be an increased chance of selection.


All costs related to the selection, procurement, and testing of products in the Surveillance Testing program will be the responsibility of the selected manufacturer. Once a product is identified for selection and procurement arrangements are made, the manufacturer will be invoiced and must pay in a timely manner or risk the consequences of a declination to participate.


An FAQ document will be posted following the webinar in January.

If you have questions about any of the information included here or the policy itself, please email


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