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Dear DLC Members and Stakeholders:

Based on feedback from DLC members and DLC stakeholders at the last two DLC Stakeholder
Meetings, NEEP has been exploring options for allowing challenges to DLC-qualified products.
After months of research and analysis, we are pleased to offer a draft process, attached, for
your review and input.

The Product Verification Performance Testing Policy is designed to provide an equitable
process to address concerns over qualified products. Both DLC members and product
manufacturers would be able to participate.

At the upcoming DLC Stakeholder Meeting there will be a panel dedicated to discussing these
draft plans and getting input from attendees. Stakeholders are encouraged to attend this
session and to submit comments about this proposal. Comments are encouraged by July 25,
and due no later than August 4, 2014. Please email any comments to info@designlights.org
using the subject line “PVPT Proposal Comments.”

While we are working to refine the PVPT proposal, an Interim Challenge Policy will be
released this week to allow manufacturers a limited process to submit product challenges
right away.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and comments on this draft document.


The DLC Team



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