In her DLC role reviewing specifications, energy savings calculations and policy compliance, Shashawnee Freeman applies more than a decade of technical experience gained as an industrial and manufacturing engineer in the aerospace industry, as well as expertise acquired for her MBA with a Specialization in Operations Management and her Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering.

During her off time, however, Shashawnee’s right brained tendencies hold sway. Professing enjoyment for volunteering in a variety of capacities, from helping in the community and mentoring children to environmental cleanups, Shashawnee regularly donates time to Hospice for Humanity, her local food pantry, and as a hospice care/caregiver relief volunteer. Regarding the latter, Shashawnee considers herself “an ear to listen and a sponge to learn,” ensuring that hospice patients feel more cared about and less lonely.

Similarly, since joining the DLC as technical analyst in 2021, Shashawnee has enjoyed knowing she is part of an organization helping to create a more positive environment for communities and wildlife. And she has come to appreciate the size of that potential impact, given the ubiquitous nature of lighting is across industries and in everyone’s daily life.

When she isn’t reviewing DLC technical requirements or volunteering in her community, Shashawnee is likely tracking down her next obstacle course race…or hunting for hamburgers. “I will travel anywhere to find the best burger,” she says. It may be lurking, she thinks, in The Netherlands.