DLC News
June 8, 2018

Notice: DLC Private Label Application Fee Change Effective July 2, 2018

The DLC application process requires manufacturers to submit independent test reports (ITRs) for review and includes application fees to cover the costs of reviewing these documents with the application. Private Label applications allow manufacturers to list previously-qualified products under alternate organization names without having to submit duplicate testing information and at a reduced fee.

As of July 2, 2018, the fee for each Private Label ITR will be increased to $250 to better cover the costs of validation and review.

The total Private Label application fee will continue to be based on the application fee for the originally-qualified product or product family. Effective July 2, 2018, the fee structure for Private Label applications will be as follows: 

  • $250 for each independent test report (ITR) included in the original application
  • $25 for each additional family member in the product group
  • Private Label dimming fees will remain unchanged

Applications which are invoiced on or after July 2, 2018 will reflect the new fee structure, regardless of the submission date of the application.

Please visit the Application Fees page for full details on SSL application fees.