DLC News
May 8, 2019

Recent and Upcoming Minor DLC Policy Updates

The DLC has recently implemented the following minor policy updates designed to streamline the SSL qualification process.

DLC Logo Policy Enforcement During Application Review

DLC marks that appear on product specification sheets during the qualification process will now be accepted as provisional use of the logo. Manufacturers are urged to review the DLC Logo and Trademark Use Guidelines document for more information on using the DLC Product Logos.

Eligibility of Temporary Products

Products marketed for or intended for temporary usage/installation are not eligible for DLC qualification. This policy clarification has been captured in an FAQ which can be found here.

Clarification of Primary Use Designations

The DLC has clarified several definitions of the current Primary Use Designations. Certain descriptions now include images that capture the intended product type. The updated information can be found in the Product Eligibility section of the Qualification Requirements.

SSL QPL Voltage Range Field Added

The DLC has added a new field on the QPL product listing to identify the specific voltage range(s) for which the product has been qualified. Historically, voltage range restrictions have been noted as part of the model number nomenclature on the QPL. These nomenclature notations will no longer appear in updated or future listings and QPL users should reference the Voltage Range field for this information. 

Changes to Frequently Asked Questions

The DLC has rephrased and simplified several areas of our policy language based on historical Frequently Asked Questions. Many of the FAQs have been incorporated directly into the policy language to help users find relevant information more quickly. In certain cases, FAQs which are no longer relevant have been removed.