DLC News
March 26, 2018

SSL Technical Requirements V4.3 Now Effective (Monday, March 26, 2018)

The DLC is pleased to announce that SSL Technical Requirements Version 4.3 go into effect as of 9:00am today, March 26, 2018. This Technical Requirements update consists of policies for new categories of solid-state lighting (SSL) products, including color-tunable products, field-adjustable products, and 3-foot, 8-foot, and 2G11 base lamps.

Version 4.3 of the DLC application form is now available on the DLC Application Instructions pages for Single ProductFamily GroupingPrivate Label, and Product Update applications. This form must be used for all applications submitted after 9:00am today. Using a different version of the application form will result in an upload error.

Technical Requirements V4.3 includes the following expansions and revisions:

Color-Tunable Products:

Color-tunable lighting is a relatively new lighting system capability where the color of a light source can be changed or tuned to end user preferences. The DLC has implemented new Testing and Reporting Requirements that enable high-quality, energy-efficient, color-tunable products to be qualified and listed on the DLC SSL Qualified Products List (DLC SSL QPL). Color-tunable products are defined by the requirements as products whose Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) can be adjusted via an input control of any type and whose light output provides white light at all input configurations.

View Testing and Reporting Requirements for Color-Tunable Products

Field-Adjustable Products:

The current DLC dimming policy has been expanded to allow products with field-adjustable lumen output to be listed on the DLC SSL QPL and has been revised to include an updated definition of continuous dimming. The V4.3 Testing and Reporting Requirements prescribe that field-adjustable products will be tested at the default setting, as well as the highest power setting, if different from the default.

View Testing and Reporting Requirements for Dimmable and Field-Adjustable Products

3-foot, 8-foot, and 2G11-Base Replacement Lamps:

The DLC has updated the replacement lamp product category with new Testing and Reporting Requirements that enable 3-foot and 8-foot linear replacement lamps, and 2G11-base LED replacement lamps, to be qualified and listed on the DLC SSL QPL. Including these lamps will facilitate efficiency program rebates and incentives to be paid on high quality and energy efficient LED replacement lamps in more applications, such as 3-and 8-foot commercial strip fixtures and 2x2 luminaires designed for lamps with a 2G11 base, also known as T5 twin-tube compact fluorescent lamps and trade names PLL and Biax.

View Updated Testing and Reporting Requirements for Linear Replacement Lamps

View Updated Tesing and Reporting Requirements for Four Pin-Base Replacement Lamps

In addition to these new eligible product categories, the DLC no longer requires manufacturers to upload a PDF self-certification statement with their application materials. This document has been replaced by a digital SSL self-certification process. 

The DLC's updated Safety Certification Requirements also go into effect today.

If you have any questions about Technical Requirements V4.3, please contact info@designlights.org.