We are pleased to announce that the DLC has launched a subscription-service SSL QPL API, now available to all DLC users. An API subscription allows subscribers to integrate the DLC data stream directly into internal systems and processes. The DLC’s newly designed API Portal gives subscribers instant access to up-to-date API documentation and an interface for generating and managing API keys.

In order to access the DLC API Portal, you will need a DLC account. If you do not have one already, you can create an account here. Once you have logged in, click on the API button that appears on the top navigation of your account dashboard.

From here, you’ll find links to the full API documentationTerms and Conditions, and a form to request an API subscription.

A subscription to the DLC API renews annually, with a subscription fee of $10,000 per year. The billing cycle for the first year will begin 30 days after access to the API has been granted.

To optimize the performance of the DLC website, the DLC will limit QPL excel downloads to searches of 10,000 products or fewer in mid-October. Users with an active API subscription and DLC Utility Members will retain access to the full QPL download.

If you have any questions about the DLC API or purchasing a subscription, please email api@designlights.org.

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