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Subject: DLC Announces Final Technical Requirements Table v2.0

Dear Stakeholders,

The DLC is pleased to release the final Technical Requirements Table v2.0. These requirements are the culmination of months of discussion with our members, industry, and various other expert advisors and stakeholders. Numerous comments were received during the three comment periods, and each piece of feedback was carefully considered. We would like to thank everyone involved in this process for their time and effort.

Attached, please find the following documents:

  1. The Technical Requirements Table v2.0. These requirements will be phased in according to the schedule below, and are immediately reflected on the website. If you have questions about these requirements or anything in this announcement, please contact us at
  2. A document detailing the transition of the technical requirements. This is intended to clarify how DLC will evaluate products currently on the list in light of the new technical requirements, and provides guidance to manufacturers with respect to maintaining their DLC qualification status, updating their performance information, and other topics.
  3. A revised policy for “Four-foot Linear Replacement Lamps.” As proposed in our drafts, the new Technical Requirements will alter how DLC categorizes tube-style LED products intended to replace T8 fluorescent lamps. These products will no longer be considered under the “Lampstyle Retrofit Kits” for Linear Panel (2×2, 1×4, or 2×4 Troffers) categories. More information is in the revised policy, as well as the transition document.
  4. New application forms. These forms may be used to submit products for qualification immediately. The online submission system for single product applications is in the process of being updated, but please note at this time it continues to reflect historical requirements. If you are using the online system for product submissions and have questions, please contact

Transition Process

The Technical Requirements Table v2.0 is effective immediately. Manufacturers may submit products for consideration under these new criteria at any time moving forward. Products that meet the new requirements will be listed as qualified on the DLC QPL consistent with normal program turnaround times.

Additionally, two distinct grace periods will be extended to industry to simplify the complete transition to these new criteria. First, manufacturers may continue to submit products for qualification under the old v1.7 criteria for a period of two months after this announcement. Specifically, product submissions under v1.7 must be received by June 7th, 2013. Submissions received after June 7th will be evaluated exclusively against the v2.0 Technical Requirements.

Second, products that meet previous versions of the technical requirements, but do not meet the new v2.0 requirements, will continue to be considered “qualified” by the DLC, and appear on the QPL, until January 1, 2014. At that point, products which do not meet the v2.0 requirements will be removed from the active QPL and placed on the “Products No Longer Qualified” list. Products currently on the  QPL which, based on testing already submitted, have demonstrated compliance with all v2.0 Technical Requirements, will remain qualified.

More information about the transition process, including guidance for manufacturers who may need to provide additional product information to maintain their qualification status come January 1, 2014, is in the attached “Transition Process” document.

Upcoming Webinars
The DLC will host a webinar on Thursday, April 11th, at 2:30pm (Eastern) to review the information in this announcement, and provide a forum for answering general questions. To register for this Webinar, click here. This webinar will be repeated on Tuesday, April 16th, at 2:30pm (Eastern), for those not able to attend on the 11th. To register for the repeat on the 16th, click here.

Transition Schedule

What’s Next DLC will next turn its attention to 2013 specification development for potential new categories. DLC added eight categories in 2011 and eleven in 2012, and now has 32 categories on the technical requirements table.

DLC maintains a wish-list, which members will prioritize based on the needs of their programs. If you would like a category to be considered for specification development, please email details to Note that details provided about any suggested category, including a definition of the application, data on the existing market size, potential for energy savings, and suggested draft criteria, make the consideration and prioritization of categories easier.

The priority order and ultimate decision to add any new category of luminaire or retrofit kit is a decision of the DLC member programs based on their customers’ needs.

Once again, the DLC would like to thank everyone who participated in this revision process. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Stakeholder community moving forward. 


The DLC Team 


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