Dear DLC Members and Stakeholders:

Consistent with the announcement in the Industry Update from March 20, the DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) is investigating restructuring the Technical Requirements table. Consistent with this investigation, please find the attached proposal for industry comment. This restructure of the Technical Requirements includes two key elements:

  1. DLC is proposing to add higher performance tiers for luminaires and retrofit kits, and
  2. DLC is proposing to alter the structure of the luminaire and retrofit categories in the Technical Requirements table. These categories changes are intended to broaden the types of luminaires that are able to qualify for the DLC program, simplify the program going forward, and allow members to more effectively use the list in their programs moving forward.

Some of the important elements of these changes are:

  • Higher efficacy and warranty requirements for products seeking to meet higher performance tier, as well as an explicit requirement for an in-situ temperature measurement test (ISTMT) on the driver.
  • Proposed higher performance tier efficacy requirements are set approximately 35% above the current minimum efficacy requirements, rounded to the nearest 5 lm/W.
  • The current luminaires and retrofit kit categories have been combined into more general outdoor and indoor categories, with sub-categories designated “primary use” consistent with the current Technical Requirements table structure.

Attached to this email are the Proposed Draft Technical Requirements Table V3.0 and a Technical Requirements Table Guidance Document which explain the proposed changes in greater detail.

There will be a session at the DLC Stakeholders Meeting (July 29-30) focused on this proposal.
Stakeholders are encouraged to attend this session and to submit comments about this proposal. Comments are encouraged by July 25, and due no later than August 4, 2014. Please email any comments to using subject line “QPL TRT Restructure Proposal Comments.”

Again, for more information please see the accompanying Proposed Technical Requirements
Table V3.0 and Technical Requirements Table Guidance Document.


The DLC Team


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