DLC Webinars
April 18, 2018

DLC Draft Technical Requirements V4.4: Horticultural Lighting Overview Webinar

The DLC has developed a draft policy to accept applications for and qualify products designed and marketed for use in horticultural lighting applications.

Horticultural facilities are quickly becoming the fastest growing electric load for many utilities, with lighting representing the greatest portion of that load. Well-designed horticultural lighting products have the potential to save energy while optimizing plant growth and health. The DLC intends to list Horticultural Lighting products based on output (high- or low-output) and intended use (supplemental or sole-source lighting).

This webinar provides an overview of the first draft of the DLC Technical Requirements for Horticultural Lighting Products released for stakeholder comment on April 18, 2018.

View the DLC draft requirements and key questions associated with horticultural lighting here.