DLC Webinars
April 19, 2018

DLC SSL V4.4: DLC/PoE Lighting / NLC V3.0: Second Draft Requirements Overview Webinar

On April 13, 2018, the DLC released draft proposals for DC and PoE Lighting, Horticultural Lighting, and Networked Lighting Controls. This webinar will provide an overview of the proposed SSL V4.4 Requirements for DC and PoE Lighting and the second draft of the V3.0 Networked Lighting Controls Technical Requirements.

DC and PoE lighting systems are two new classes of lighting systems with potential to reduce electrical losses from AC to DC conversions, to integrate directly with DC generation sources such as solar and batteries, to reduce installation costs, and to connect more readily to IT infrastructure for advanced lighting control. The DLC intends to list DC/PoE lamps, luminaires, and retrofit kits on its SSL QPL while differentiating the performance from traditional AC powered lighting.

Additionally, the DLC has developed a second draft of the NLC V3.0 Technical Requirements based on comments received from stakeholders to the first draft, along with discussion at the DLC Controls Summit in March. Highlights of this proposal include revised requirements for both Cybersecurity and Energy Monitoring and revisions to the proposed documentation requirements.

View the DLC draft requirements and key questions associated with DC and PoE lighting here.

View the second draft requirements for networked lighting controls here.