DLC Webinars
October 15, 2020

Energy Savings from Networked Lighting Control Systems with and without LLLC Webinar

The DLC, in partnership with The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), is pleased to present a webinar, on Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020 from 1pm-2:15pm EDT, to discuss the findings of a new report, "Energy Savings from Networked Lighting Control (NLC) Systems with and without LLLC." This research builds upon the DLC's 2017 study, "Energy Savings from Networked Lighting Control (NLC) Systems," and aggregates energy data from nearly 200 NLC system installations, almost doubling the data set from the 2017 study.

The results not only improve existing NLC energy savings estimates, but also provide more in-depth savings analyses, such as savings estimates from NLC systems with and without luminaire level lighting control (LLLC), and savings estimates from high-end trim compared to other control strategies. The findings strongly reinforce the savings estimates from the DLC's 2017 report, further enabling utilities, manufacturers, design professionals, specifiers, ESCOs, contractors, building managers, and others to serve their customers with better estimates of energy savings from networked lighting controls in commercial buildings.

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