Qualify a Fixture

Update a Listed Horticultural Fixture

An update application is a revised application to reflect new product information since the original submission. Only products that have been submitted, accepted, paid, and posted to the Horticultural QPL are able to be updated.


The following product updates are eligible to be submitted as an update application:

  • Nomenclature/brand name updates
  • Non-radiometric and/or non-worst-case performance affecting updates
  • Performance updates to:
  • LED chip(s)/module(s)/array(s)
  • Driver
  • Optical System
  • Heat Sink/Fan
  • Spectral Tuning
  • Dimming

This list is not exhaustive and is only intended to act as a general guide. If you do not believe your update type is included above, please email the DLC Horticultural Team at horticulture@designlights.org before submitting an update application.

Application Fees

The fee for an update application depends on the type of updates made to the product. Please refer to the Listing Fees webpage for more information.

Review Timeframes

Update applications will follow regular horticultural application review timelines, available on the Application Review Timelines webpage.

Application Notes

  • The DLC reserves the right to extend any application review timeframe due to holidays and application volume spikes. These extensions will be communicated via the DLC website and the Application Portal.
  • Closed, canceled, or rejected applications cannot not be reopened – instead, a new application must be created. To avoid having to create a new application, please either provide missing information or documentation within 10 business days of being notified of application issues, or provide an estimated time-frame for submitting the missing information or documentation within 10 business days of being notified of issues.

Application Forms