Solid-State Lighting Technical Requirements

Approved or Pre-Approved Housings

Changes effective for V5.1 applications (accepted July 1, 2020):

  • Under V5.1, reference housing testing requirements for linear replacement lamps and 2G11-base replacement lamps for CFLs are replaced by alternative testing requirements, detailed in the V5.1 Technical Requirements “Reference Housings” section (p. 31).
  • Under V5.1, reference housing testing requirements have not changed for retrofit kits, mogul screw-base (E39/E40) replacements for HID lamps, and G24q base replacement lamps for CFLs.

The links below reference the current approved housings within the following General Applications:

Pre-Approved Equivalent Requests

Pre-approved Equivalent requests may be sent to

In reviewing Pre-approved Equivalent requests, the DLC is verifying that the requested incumbent fixture is/has:

  • Commonly used in the application category for which the retrofit kit is applying
  • Specifications that align with the application category for which the retrofit kit is applying
  • Similar thermal environment (i.e. internal volume and construction materials) to those listed under the Approved section of each Primary Use

If the above information is not clear in the spec sheet provided for the requested fixture, the DLC will require additional information to ensure the requested fixture aligns with the Approved fixtures of that given Primary Use..

Pre-Approved Equivalent Testing

While the DLC does not require testing in all approved and pre-approved housings available for each retrofit kit or replacement lamp Primary Use, the approved and pre-approved housings selected for testing are intended to provide similar, common environments for which the retrofit kit may be installed in the field. As such, it is the DLC’s expectation that the submitted retrofit kit should meet the requirements regardless of the housing chosen for testing. If testing is provided showing that the product does not meet the requirements in a specific housing, the products will not be able to be qualified and listed on the QPL.