Product Eligibility/Primary Use Designations

Specialty Products

The “Specialty:______” Primary Use designation was developed as an additional tool for DLC and its Member programs to employ in seeking to identify high-quality, energy-saving LED luminaires in commercial and industrial applications for certain niche applications for which DLC has not yet developed a specific Primary Use designation.

Eligibility of “Specialty” Products

To ensure products submitted under the “Specialty” designation meet the purpose of the DLC, DLC will employ a number of principles in evaluating products submitted with this designation, including the following:

  • Products with a Specialty designation must meet the intention of the broader category and general application under which they are designated. For example, products submitted under a categorization of Outdoor-Low Output-Specialty: _____ must be intended for use in outdoor applications.
  • Products with Specialty designation must still comply with existing program policies. For example, mogul screw-based lamps are not eligible under Specialty, nor are luminaires which incorporate removable and/or replaceable lamps eligible at this time.
  • Products with a Specialty designation must specify the end-use for which they are intended. For example, products that are intended to be used for billboard lighting that seek qualification under the specialty designation must indicate on the application form that their intended use is “Specialty: Billboard Lighting”. DLC staff will monitor terminology and may make minor modifications to descriptor terms to ensure consistency (for example “Specialty: Billboard Lighting vs. “Specialty: Billboard Luminaire”). Changes in descriptor terms will be made in consultation with the applicant.
  • Products with a Specialty designation must meet the minimum performance specifications of the broader category under which they are designated. This includes minimum light output, efficacy, CCT, CRI, L70, THD, and PF requirements.
  • In general, products that are intended for uses for which there is a pre-defined Primary Use designation, but do not meet the minimum light output or zonal lumen distribution requirements of that designation, may be eligible under the Specialty designation. As part of the application, DLC will need to understand the market need for products of this type of performance, and will determine a descriptor term that differentiates this application from the existing Primary Use designation.

DLC retains the right to deny access to the Specialty designation for any product it does not believe meets the intention of the designation. Judgment on eligibility will be at the sole discretion of DLC program staff.

By seeking qualification of a product within this primary use designation, an applicant acknowledges the rules of the program and confirms agreement to abide by the decisions of the program.


  • Retrofit Kits and Replacement Lamps
    There is no “Specialty” category for retrofit kits and replacement lamps at this time. Manufacturers will be required to select and comply with a Primary Use designation for qualification.
  • DLC Premium classification
    Products designated as “Specialty” are not eligible for DLC Premium classification.

Examples of Currently Eligible Specialty Products

Examples of products eligible for the Specialty designation at this time include:

  • Troffer/linear panels with alternate form factors (i.e. 1×1, 1×2)
  • Soffit lighting
  • Canopy lighting
  • Hazardous environment lighting
  • Sports flood
  • Wall grazing/slicing
  • Tunnel lighting

Examples of Currently Ineligible Specialty Products

Examples of products not eligible for the Specialty designation at this time include:

  • Non-cutoff and semi-cutoff wall-mounted area luminaires (open face wallpacks)
  • Commercial downlights
  • Indoor decorative fixtures
  • Cove lighting
  • Agricultural and horticultural lighting
  • Sign lighting (backlighting for signs)
  • Landscape/pathway fixtures
  • Commercial task lighting
  • Lamps, including mogul screw-based HID replacement lamps and fluorescent replacement lamps in forms other those in the technical requirements table
  • Retrofit kits, including retrofit kits for fluorescent-style fixtures

How to Submit a “Specialty” Product for Qualification

Manufacturers may submit “Specialty” products in a Single Product Application or as part of a Family Grouping Application. In Family Grouping Applications, “Specialty” submissions may be submitted with other Primary Uses. Products with a “Specialty” Primary Use designation are not eligible for DLC Premium status.

  • Check the application Excel form for the desired specialty primary use designation. If the desired Specialty Primary Use Designation is available in the drop down, select that primary use designation and submit the application
    • Once a reviewer is assigned, your products will be evaluated against the selected Specialty designation and the reviewer will communicate if the application can move forward, if additional information is needed, or if the products would be better suited in a different designation/are not eligible for qualification.
  • If the desired Specialty Primary Use Designation is not available in the drop down, please submit a request to
    • Please include the desired designation, product specification sheet(s), and any available marketing materials or brochures for review.
    • If approved, an updated application Excel form with the new specialty designation will be sent to you for upload in your application.