Requirements for SSL Product Images

Requirements for Submitting SSL Product Images

The DLC accepts and displays product images on the Solid-State Lighting QPL (SSL QPL) to allow energy efficiency program staff to cross-reference product specification sheets with QPL listings more easily. Image submission is not required for qualification. This resource details the DLC's requirements and style guidelines for SSL product images.

In this Resource
  • Requirements and guidelines for formatting and submitting product images to display on the SSL QPL.

Guidance for Using Allowances

This resource provides examples of the testing required to qualify products to the SSL QPL using efficacy allowances, and explains how those allowances may affect the product’s QPL listing.

Key Takeaways
  • Provides four example scenarios for using efficacy allowances when qualifying products to the SSL QPL.

LUNA Additional Reading

Learn more about the effects of light on nighttime environments.

Key Takeaways
  • Outdoor lighting design
  • Effects of light pollution on wildlife
  • Inequities of outdoor lighting
Responsible Lighting at Night: Bridging the Inequality Gap

Webinar: Responsible Lighting at Night – Bridging the Inequality Gap

This webinar examines the societal and professional misconceptions, and safety and health implications of poor quality of light at night on marginalized communities. Panelists discuss how investments in well designed, responsible light can meet communities' needs.

Key Takeaways
  • How lighting choices affect the mental health, well-being, and safety of occupants.
  • The systemic choices that have led to underrepresented communities' lack of good lighting.
  • Ways that light has been used in systems of racism and oppression.
Responsible Lighting at Night: The Impact of Light on Wildlife & Ecosystems

Webinar: Responsible Lighting at Night – the Impacts of Light on Wildlife & Ecosystems

This webinar introduces the topic of environmental impacts of light at night on wildlife and ecosystems.

Key Takeaways
  • How the National Park Services works to protect the environment and wildlife from the negative impacts of light at night.
  • Large scale initiatives working to keep migrating birds safe from building collisions.
  • The state of scientific knowledge and standards for enabling design solutions that minimize harm to wildlife and the environment.

DLC Member Program Summaries – Solid-State Lighting

Updated as of: 2/18/22 This list displays which DLC Members provide rebates for solid-state lighting. Please visit the program websites for additional detail.

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