Responsible Lighting at Night: The Impact of Light on Wildlife & Ecosystems

Webinar: Responsible Lighting at Night – the Impacts of Light on Wildlife & Ecosystems

Although artificial lighting at night has enabled humans to increase our work and recreational activities outdoors at night, the incorrect use and application of light at night can radically alter the nocturnal environment for many species and ecosystems, impacting their ability to thrive. These disruptions to wildlife and ecosystems can create lasting implications on the longevity of animal populations and on maintaining the balance of ecosystems on our planet. This webinar introduces the topic of environmental impacts of light at night on wildlife and ecosystems. The panelists address topics such as how the National Park Service protects wildlife and ecosystems while improving visitor experience, initiatives and resources available to communities and building owners for reducing bird collisions with buildings, and the current state of scientific knowledge and standards for enabling design solutions that minimize harm to wildlife and the environment.