Application Review Timeframes

Application Review Timeframes

DLC QPL applications are reviewed in two stages: initial application review and comprehensive application review. Refer to the tables below for information about review timeframes.

Please review the FAQs page for additional policy clarifications and contact with any questions about submitting an application to the DLC.

NOTE: Closed/Canceled/Rejected applications cannot not be re-opened and instead require that a new application be created. To avoid having to create a new application, please either provide missing info/documentation within 10 business days of being notified of issues, or provide an estimated timeframe for submitting the missing info/documentation within 10 business days of being notified of issues.

Initial Application Review

After you submit your application, a DLC reviewer will perform an initial review to determine if the application and supporting documentation are complete. You will then receive an email with instructions to pay the appropriate application fees or to provide additional information to the DLC reviewer. See the table below for initial review timeframes.

Application Type Initial Review
Single Product 2 Business Days
Family Grouping 5 Business Days
Private Label 5 Business Days
Product Updates 5 Business Days

Comprehensive Application Review

After your payment is received, your DLC reviewer will initiate a comprehensive review of your application to determine whether your product(s) meet the Technical Requirements. After the comprehensive review period, your reviewer will let you know which of the following conditions applies to your application:

  • Condition 1: Your application is missing information, required information is insufficiently documented, or there is an error on an independent lab test. Your DLC reviewer will identify the specific areas in the application that need attention and allow you to fix problems and errors and resubmit. Applications that have not received response within 10 business days will be closed.
  • Condition 2: Performance information shows the product does not meet the requirements. An application showing product performance does not meet the category requirements may not be resubmitted; it must be submitted as a new application with updated application materials and the appropriate application fee.
  • Condition 3: You have completed the application properly and the product meets all of the DLC requirements. You will receive notification of qualification when the product is listed on the QPL. This application will then appear as complete in your account.

See the table below for comprehensive review timeframes.

Application Type Comprehensive Review
Single Product 10 Business Days
Family Grouping 10 Business Days
Private Label 5 Business Days
Product Updates 10 Business Days