Logo Violations


Logo Violation Notices

The logo violation notices listed below are documentation of unauthorized use of DLC logos or trademarks for products that have not been evaluated by the DLC or are not listed on the DLC QPLs, and include misuse of any DLC logo or reference to DLC qualification for these products. Each notice provides the date, information about the company, and product(s) that have violated the Logo and Trademark Guidelines for instances that meet one of the following criteria:

    - The manufacturer does not have any user accounts registered with the DLC, or
    - The manufacturer has not listed any products within the last 12 months, or
    - The manufacturer has not responded to previous email notifications or has refused to correct the violation.

When the DLC has confirmed that all issues have been resolved, the logo violation notice will be marked as “Resolved” and will be archived in an aggregated list on this page.

Please see the Logo and Trademark Guidelines for more detail on the DLC's logo policy.