Video Resources

Below are short videos to help you better understand the DLC and the lighting technology we promote.

About the DLC

The DLC is a non-profit organization improving energy efficiency, lighting quality, and the human experience in the built environment. Learn more about the DLC.

What is a Qualified Products List (QPL)?

The DLC Qualified Products Lists (QPLs) provide lists of verified, high performing products that save energy. Learn more about about the DLC QPLs.

About the DLC Logos

The DLC has a program logo and different product logos to represent products on the QPLs. Learn more about each logo and who is permitted to use them.

DLC Logo Uses: DOs and DON’Ts

The DLC Logos and Trademarks are a valuable asset to all users of the QPLs. Learn about how to use the logos properly to be in compliance with DLC’s Logo Use Guidelines.

Common Misconceptions of NLCs

Learn about five common misconceptions of networked lighting controls that slow adoption of the technology.

NLC System Configuration Considerations

Learn about five key things to consider when configuring a networked lighting control system.

Non-Energy Benefits of NLCs

Learn about eight non-energy related benefits of networked lighting controls.

Cybersecurity for NLC Systems

Learn about the importance of cybersecurity and what the DLC is doing to ensure DLC listed NLC systems are set up to reduce risk of cyber attacks.

LLLC Advantages

Learn about five major advantages of using luminaire level lighting controls (LLLC).

LLLC Considerations

Learn about five key questions to ask when considering luminaire level lighting controls (LLLC) enabled fixtures.