DLC Workplan

DLC Technical Workplan

The DLC Technical Workplan is a continually-updated implementation plan designed to provide greater transparency and predictability around DLC development activities and future requirements and specifications. Requirements, specification, and policy development for both the DLC Solid-State Lighting QPL and the DLC Networked Lighting Controls QPL involves input from utility Members and industry stakeholders. The DLC strives to be responsive to the constantly-evolving lighting market and ensure that updates serve the needs and interests of both our Member utilities and our many industry stakeholders equally.

The calendar below illustrates the development timelines for the DLC's currently-prioritized technical topics, including indicators for Draft and Final Policy releases. Click on any topic for more detailed information on development, more detailed timelines, and any available policy documents.


Oct 2017

Nov 2017

Dec 2017

Jan 2018

Feb 2018

Mar 2018

Apr 2018

May 2018

Jun 2018

Jul 2018

Aug 2018

Sep 2018

4.3: Color Tuning

Draft     New Draft   Final            

4.3: Field-Adjustable Products

Draft     New Draft   Final            

4.3: 3ft, 8ft, & 2G11 Base Replacement Lamps

Draft     New Draft   Final            

Networked Lighting Controls Specification

      New Draft     Draft   Final      

Horticultural Lighting

            Draft         Final

DC and PoE Lighting

            Draft         Final


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