Due to the release of SSL Technical Requirements V4.3 a new SSL application form will be required for Single Product, Family Grouping, Private Label, and Product Update applications beginning at 9:00am on March 26, 2018. Please use the current V4.2 application forms until March 26 at 9:00am, and the updated V4.3 application forms after 9:00am on March 26. Visit the Submit a Product pages to download the appropriate Application Forms. Learn more.

3-Foot, 8-Foot, and 2G11 Base Replacement Lamps

3-Foot TLEDs, 8-Foot TLEDs, and 2G11 Base Replacement Lamps

3-foot TLEDs, 8-foot TLEDs, and 2G11 Base Lamps are the next set of replacement lamps to be considered for eligibility on the DLC QPL. Including these lamps will facilitate incentive payments on high quality and energy efficient LED replacements in even more applications, such as 3- and 8-foot commercial strip fixtures and 2x2 luminaires designed for lamps with a 2G11 base, also known as PLL, Biax, or T5 twin-tube compact fluorescent lamps.DLC refinement of draft policy

The DLC has released final requirements for 3-foot, 8-foot, and 2G11-base lamps, which consist of updates to the Testing and Reporting Requirements for Linear Replacement Lamps, Testing and Reporting Requirements for Four Pin-Base Replacement Lamps for CFLs, and a new Technical Requirements Table V4.3. The policies will go into effect on Monday, March 26, 2018.

View Cover Letter for Technical Requirements V4.3

View Updated Policy: Testing and Reporting Requirements for Linear Replacement Lamps

View Updated Policy: Testing and Reporting Requirements for Four Pin-Base Replacement Lamps

View Updated Technical Requirements Table V4.3

(Effective Monday, March 26, 2018)

Desired Outcomes and Benefits


New product application types enable additional reliable replacement LED lighting products to be qualified and listed on the DLC’s SSL QPL. 


The new application types include clear definition(s), performance criteria, and testing requirements to ensure listed products are high quality and energy efficient.

Energy efficiency program administrators and others support the installation of a greater variety of high quality, energy efficient replacement products in their lighting rebate or procurement programs.



DLC listing of 3-foot, 8-foot, and 2G11 base lamps in combination with utility rebates leads to higher market adoption and increased customer satisfaction.







Next Steps

  • March 26, 2018: Policies go into effect

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