Color Tuning

Color Tuning

Color-tunable lighting is an exciting and relatively new lighting system capability where the color of a light source can be changed after it is installed. Lighting can be “tuned” to people’s preferences, to match the color appearance of daylight over the course of the day, or even to stimulate a circadian response in the human body. While there is still much to be learned, when combined with LED technology, color tunable lighting can provide energy savings along with potential health and productivity benefits.Final policy goes into effect

View Cover Letter for Technical Requirements V4.3

View Final Policy: Testing and Reporting Requirements for Color-Tunable Products

(Effective Monday, March 26, 2018)


Desired Outcomes and Benefits

New policy enables high quality, color tunable products to be qualified and listed on DLC SSL QPL.

The policy includes clear definition(s), performance criteria, and testing requirements to ensure listed products are high quality and energy efficient.

Energy efficiency program administrators and others support the installation of high quality, energy efficient color tunable products in their lighting rebate or procurement programs, leading to higher market adoption and increased customer satisfaction.


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