DC and PoE Lighting

DC and PoE Lighting

DC (direct current) and PoE (power over Ethernet) lighting systems are two new classes of lighting systems with significant potential benefits. By using DC rather than AC power, these systems have potential to reduce electrical losses from AC to DC conversions, to integrate directly with DC generation sources such as solar and batteries, to reduce installation costs, and to connect more readily to IT infrastructure for advanced lighting control.

The DLC has issued second draft Testing and Reporting Requirements that would enable high performance DC and PoE lamps, luminaires, and retrofit kits to be qualified on the DLC SSL QPL. Please submit comments using the DLC Comment Form to info@designlights.org by Wednesday, August 22, 2018. Scroll down to access the second draft requirements documents.

Draft policy out for stakeholder comment


Desired Outcomes and Benefits


New policy enables high quality DC and PoE lighting products to be qualified and listed on the DLC SSL QPL.


The policy includes clear definition(s), performance criteria, and testing requirements to ensure listed products are high quality and energy efficient.

The policy, in combination with supporting guidance, provides a clear methodology for efficiency program administrators and others to understand and quantify the system efficiency and electric load impacts of installing a DC or POE lighting system. 
Energy efficiency program administrators and others support the installation of high quality, energy efficient DC and PoE lighting products in their lighting rebate or procurement programs.
DLC listing of DC and PoE products in combination with utility rebates leads to greater market adoption advanced lighting controls that integrate and systems that integrate with clean energy generation sources.



Next Steps

  • August 22, 2018: Second Draft Policy comments due
  • October 1, 2018: Final Policy released

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