Field-Adjustable Products

Field-Adjustable Products

The DLC has temporarily suspended the qualification of new field-adjustable light output products against these new requirements in order to revise the policy. These revisions will allow greater flexibility and will provide additional clarity on the differences between field-adjustable products and dimmable products. The DLC intends to publish the revised requirements and re-open qualification of products with this capability as soon as possible.


Field-adjustable lighting products are a relatively new trend in commercial lighting where performance characteristics such as light output, color temperature, and optics can be adjusted by the manufacturer, distributor, or contractor before or during installation. This allows manufacturers and distributors to capture greater economies of scale and stock fewer SKUs, reducing manufacturing and distribution costs while providing customers greater flexibility. As of Monday, March 26, 2018, the DLC published Testing and Reporting Requirements for Field-Adjustable Light Output Products (see link below) and Color-Tunable Products only.  The DLC will continue investigating other options such as field-adjustable optics for future development efforts. Final policy goes into effect

Desired Outcomes and Benefits


New policy enables reliable and efficient field-adjustable lighting products to be qualified and listed on the DLC SSL QPL.


The policy inclues clear definition(s), performance criteria, and testing requirements to ensure listed products are high quality and energy efficient.

Energy efficiency program administrators and others support the installation of high quality, energy efficient field adjustable products in their lighting rebate or procurement programs.



Reduced manufacturing and distribution costs along with greater flexibility leads to greater market adoption of efficient lighting and increased customer satisfaction







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