SSL products with poor flicker performance can result in negative consumer experience and potentially impact health for those who are sensitive to flicker, presenting a significant barrier for adoption of efficient LED lighting. Introducing flicker performance thresholds could give customers and efficiency program administrators confidence in making a better purchasing or incentivizing decisions. While there are multiple approaches to measuring and evaluating flicker, there is not yet a standardized test method or an appropriate industry-accepted performance level for flicker that would allow the DLC to create requirements around the metric.

The DLC is analyzing current flicker data and assessing industry standards to inform guidance and/or an additional metric to the QPL. This information can ultimately be used to ensure SSL products have acceptable and safe levels of flicker throughout the dimming range.

The DLC is currently investigating potential benefits and researching options for incorporating SSL product flicker data on the DLC SSL Qualified Products List (QPL).

DLC Research and Development


Desired Outcomes and Benefits

Listed SSL systems have acceptable/safe levels of flicker throughout the dimming range on the majority of common SSL control types.
product design

Increased emphasis on flicker metrics leads to better product design with no/minimal cost adders or performance trade-offs. Improved flicker performance throughout dimmed range increases operation of lighting in dimmed states.

Improved product performance increases adoption which yields potential productivity benefits and decreases potential negative health impacts such as seizures and headaches induced by products with poor flicker performance.

Lighting designers and specifiers have the data and tools they need to be able to identify and specify low flicker products where flicker performance is important.
Improved flicker performance increases customer satisfaction, leading to more guaranteed energy savings for efficiency program administrators and end users.




Next Steps

The timeline for the DLC’s flicker proposal has been shifted to later in 2018 in order to incorporate additional standards that are currently under development and to align with additional quality metrics under consideration for the DLC’s forthcoming SSL V5.0 Technical Requirements revision. The timeline for flicker and the forthcoming SSL V5.0 revision will be announced later in 2018.


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