Meet the DLC! Andrew Knapik

Like many of his colleagues, Andrew Knapik was drawn to the DLC by a desire to work in the non-profit sustainability field – in his words, “driving meaningful change instead of profits”.

Andrew started down that road performing lighting assessments for Rocky Mountain Power, advancing energy efficiency efforts throughout the rural Mountain West region. With that experience under his belt, his formal training as a Master of Science in Finance with an associate certification in the Tableau data analysis system prepared him well for his work at the DLC. As Senior Program Analyst, Andrew keeps a pulse on all aspects of the organization, analyzing potential opportunities while building and maintaining the DLC’s business intelligence environment.

Since joining the staff in 2019, Andrew has been impressed by how much goes into development of the DLC’s various technical requirement policies in addition to efficacy improvements. Along the way, he enjoys discovering still unanswered questions and exploring new insights with the rest of the DLC team.

When he isn’t doing that, Andrew is likely to be outside pursuing any number of outdoor passions, including trail running. The latter is not just a casual interest. When it came time for his bachelor party, Andrew had a unique experience in store for his friends – and one not for the faint of heart: running the Grand Canyon R2R2 (rim to rim and back), a distance of 48 miles with over 22,000 feet of elevation change!