DesignLights Consortium Initiatives

The DLC is on a mission to optimize commercial lighting by saving energy, improving product quality, and enhancing the end-user experience in the built environment. Our initiatives revolve around the creation of trusted requirements to ensure that qualified lighting technologies are both high quality and energy efficient. Learn more about how we’re collaborating with industry experts, stakeholders, and efficiency program members to integrate lighting into smart cities of the future and meet carbon reduction goals.

Accelerating the Market Transition to Efficient LEDs

The DLC’s LED lighting program is home to the largest and most influential list of high-performing commercial lighting products in the world. Our LED/SSL Qualified Products List improves both consumer confidence and sustainability of the lighting industry as a whole – with an end goal of accelerating the installation of energy efficient, better quality lighting for people living and working in the built environment.

Integrating Networked Lighting into the Built Environment

With aggressive utility support, networked lighting controls have the potential to save up to half of the remaining lighting load after an LED lighting retrofit – and can enable lighting efficiency programs to be maintained twice as long as compared to support for LED fixtures and lamps alone. In addition to developing tools that reduce barriers to adoption, we’re promoting this energy saving technology as the gateway to enable connected buildings that support carbon reduction goals.

Transforming Horticultural Lighting from the Ground Up

According to the US DOE, the annual electricity consumption of all indoor US horticultural installations in 2017 was 5.9 TWh – approximately equal to the annual usage of more than half a million US households. With energy consumption from horticultural facilities continuing to grow, we’re creating tools and resources to position controlled environment agriculture as a leader in energy efficiency.

Addressing Light Pollution

A part of our LED lighting program, the DLC’s new LUNA requirements provide a dark sky friendly option for specific categories of outdoor lighting, enabling lighting decisionmakers to identify products that save energy and minimize sky glow.

Workplan Timeline

The DLC Workplan Timeline displays our progress toward the current initiatives in our pipeline. Get full transparency into the DLC development process and submit your feedback via comment forms. This continuously updating timeline helps us solicit more feedback from members and industry stakeholders.