DLC News
April 28, 2020

SSL V5 Technical Requirements updates due to COVID-19

We know that our members and stakeholders are contending with disruption and uncertainty amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to express our wishes for your health and safety during this time.

The DLC remains dedicated to our mission to enable energy optimization through quality and connected solutions for people and the environment. We are a Consortium, our success is collective, and we are dedicated to work with our stakeholders to balance future needs with current realities. To address the disruptions to daily operations due to COVID-19, we have made adjustments to portions of Technical Requirements V5.0, effective immediately. The updates to the policy are summarized below.

Updates to SSL V5 Requirements in Response to COVID-19

  • The deadline to update V4.4 products to V5.0 and V5.1 has been extended by 1 month.
  • The deadline to submit V5.0 new product applications has been extended by 3 months.
  • Dimming requirements for V5.0 Standard products have been postponed to V5.1.

We have provided a 15-minute video that describes the changes to the policy and how applications will be affected in detail. You can view the video below, or review the updates directly in the policy itself (sections that have been updated are highlighted and called out in the document).


Premium Classification Correction to SSL V5 Requirements

As of April 27, 2020, the V5.0 Technical Requirements have been corrected to allow for Linear-Style Retrofit Kits for 2x2, 1x4, and 2x4 Luminaires to be classified as DLC Premium. Products in these Primary Use Designations (PUDs) may apply for Premium classification under V5.0. However, beginning with V5.1, these products will be re-classified as Standard and will no longer have the ability to be submitted under the Premium classification.

Possible COVID-19 Impacts to Technical Requirements V5.1

The DLC understands that the current situation is rapidly changing with varying impacts on businesses. We will consider the industry's assessment of COVID impacts as they relate to the V5.1 timeline in June. We are continuing to gather information and manufacturer and market needs to inform this assessment. As always, we are open to insight and better understanding of how your business has been or will be affected. Please email us at info@designlights.org if you have information or insight that might impact the DLC's decision.

It continues to be the DLC's priority to work with the EE community and the lighting and building industries to deliver resources that support high quality, energy efficient lighting. If you have questions about the changes to the SSL Technical Requirements, please email us at info@designlights.org