The lighting industry needs an integrated approach to solving the unintended negative consequences of light pollution on the natural environment. In response to this need, the DLC has published a whitepaper that seeks to describe the landscape for a small but promising part of the solution: non-white light (NWL) LED light sources.

This whitepaper provides an overview of the state of the science and current recommendations for NWL light sources in outdoor lighting applications, as well as why the DLC is not addressing NWL LED luminaires in LUNA at this time. The paper suggests next steps to address gaps in existing research, standards, and guidelines that would make qualification feasible in the future.

Full Technical Whitepaper

The full whitepaper is recommended for individuals who are familiar with technical lighting science and terminology, and who want to understand the full scope of the non-white light research performed by the DLC. The whitepaper explains the methodology used to for the NWL market review and outlines the additional technical research needed in order to consider qualifying NWL sources under LUNA.

Executive Summary

The executive summary pulls out the most important takeaways from the whitepaper for those who would rather not dig so deeply into the science. The summary includes an overview of current recommendations for NWL sources in outdoor lighting applications and what you need to know about the state of NWL research.

Non-White/amber Light FAQ

The Non-white/Amber Light FAQ answer common questions such as: what are the benefits of NWL, why are NWL sources not currently included in the LUNA Technical Requirements, and what are the necessary steps for the DLC to consider including NWL sources?

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