Horticultural Lighting

Horticultural Technical Requirements

  • Technical Requirements V2.0

    The V2.0 Technical Requirements for Horticultural Lighting maintain the V1.2 minimum efficacy threshold of listed products. The requirements also continue the transition from using traditional lighting metrics to using horticultural-specific metrics that better represent horticultural lighting performance, and address barriers to listing multiple product variations by introducing a process for family grouping and private labeling, meaning more products will be available to choose from on the QPL.

  • Technical Requirements V2.1

    As a minor update to the Technical Requirements, Hort V2.1 expands the range of horticultural lighting products eligible to be qualified on the Hort QPL, creating greater access to utility incentives for horticultural lighting manufacturers and providing more avenues to achieve savings for energy efficiency programs. Under V2.1, lamps, DC and PoE powered products, and actively-cooled products are eligible for qualification.