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Lighting Controls Application Instructions

Application Instructions

The timeline to review an application is projected at 3-4 weeks from the time the manufacturer pays the listing fee, but may be longer or shorter depending on the number of systems already in queue, application completeness, and responsiveness to questions that arise during application review. The DLC will provide an estimated review time once full applications are submitted and the fee is paid.

Please follow the steps below to complete and submit an application:

  • If you have not done so already, create your manufacturer log-in.
    The DLC recommends that the application be completed by a person with deep technical knowledge of the lighting system, such as a product manager or engineer. For faster processing, this person should be readily available through the duration of the application review process to answer any technical questions the DLC has on the submitted application. Experience has shown that applications submitted by sales, marketing, or administrative staff often lack important details which delay overall processing.
  • Download and complete the Application Form below.
    As you collect documents into a folder that you will include with the application, rename each one with a number in front, 01-99.  For instance, if the first document that you add to the folder is called “UserManual.pdf”, rename it as “01-UserManual.pdf”. Then, when you provide each Reference in the “Reference File Number(s) and Page(s)” column in the application, refer to the document number with page number as shown in the screenshot below.

Note that every answer provided must be supported by a reference in the “Reference File Number(s) and Page(s)” column in the application.

  • If you plan to submit multiple applications in a related family of systems, contact info@designlights.org to request a phone call to develop the application plan and sequence of applications. In most cases, you should complete one parent application first, and then additional family applications after the parent has been reviewed.
  • Create a new Lighting Controls System Application in your manufacturer account.
    Once logged in, click the Applications tab on your Dashboard. Click the green Create Application button. This will lead you to the Create New Application window. Enter the required Application Details and Application Contact information. Be sure to select Lighting Controls System under Application Type. After creating the application, you will be redirected to the Application Home.
  • Go to the Documents tab of your application and upload ALL required documentation.
    To upload your application form and supporting documentation, click the Documents section in the left-hand navigation menu of your Application Home. Within the Documents section, each question requires a specific document or set of documents to be uploaded. To save your progress within the application, be sure to click the green Upload button for each file after selecting your document. All required documentation must be uploaded before you can submit the application. The system will allow you to replace and delete files as necessary before submitting your application. The following documents are required for each application:

    • Completed Application Form
    • All product literature and supporting documentation required by the Application Form.
    • Warranty document(s): Legal warranty document explaining warranty terms and conditions
    • Signed Self-Certification Statement
    • Private Label Form and Agreement, if applicable
  • Submit the application.
    Application reviews will not begin until the application is submitted. After uploading documentation, you must click the green Submit Application button in the top right-hand corner of the Documents section.
  • Receive invoice from DLC and make payment.
    After application materials have been submitted, the DLC will determine if the application and supporting materials are complete enough to initiate a review. If the application is complete, the DLC will send you an email with an invoice and instructions to pay the appropriate application fees. The DLC will accept credit cards, check, or EFT. Please note that formal review of the system for qualification will not commence until payment has been made. Once payment is made, the DLC will provide an estimated time to review the application.
  • The DLC will provide feedback on the status of your application.
    Once formal review commences, the DLC will schedule two hours for your System Overview Presentation (described in the Application Form) and one and a half hours for a detailed review of your application.  If case studies to document required functionality are not available, then the DLC will also schedule interviews with customer reference(s).  In order to meet the three-to-four week timeline, it is helpful to schedule these events to occur within a week after payment, or two weeks at most. For faster processing, the contact that submitted the application should be readily available through the duration of the application review process. Once the review has been completed, the DLC will email you to let you know which of the following conditions applies:

    • Your application is missing information, required information is insufficiently documented, or the provided information shows the system does not meet the Technical Requirements. The DLC will identify the specific areas in the application that need attention and allow you to fix problems and errors and resubmit. An application showing the system does not meet the Technical Requirements may not be resubmitted; it must be submitted as a new application with updated application materials and appropriate application fee.
    • You have completed the application properly with all supporting documentation and the system meets the Technical Requirements. You will receive notification of qualification when the product is listed on the QPL. The application will then appear as complete in your account.

Application Forms