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Horticultural Technical Requirements V2.1

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is quickly becoming the fastest growing electric load for many utilities, with lighting representing the greatest portion of that load. Well-designed horticultural lighting products have the potential to save significant energy while optimizing plant growth and health.

As a minor update to the Technical Requirements, Hort V2.1 will not contain an efficacy increase. However, V2.1 will expand the range of horticultural lighting products eligible to be qualified on the Hort QPL, creating greater access to utility incentives for horticultural lighting manufacturers and providing more avenues to achieve savings for energy efficiency programs. Under V2.1, the DLC proposes to add the following product types to the list of eligible horticultural fixtures:

  • Lamps
  • DC/PoE/Modular products
  • Actively-cooled products

Objectives and Benefits

  • Expanded Technical Requirements enable a greater variety of reliable and efficient horticultural products and product families to be qualified on the DLC Hort QPL, including lamps, DC/PoE/modular products, and actively-cooled products.

  • The requirements include clear definitions, performance criteria, and testing requirements that align with accepted horticultural metrics and ensure that listed products are high quality and more energy efficient than other lighting technologies.

  • Energy efficiency program administrators and others have a wide variety of QPL-listed products to choose from, allowing them to support the installation of energy efficient horticultural lighting products in their rebate or procurement programs, driving market adoption of energy efficient solutions in horticultural applications. 

  • Growers and specifiers have the horticultural-specific data and tools they need to be able to specify a variety of horticultural lighting products appropriately.

  • Utilities are able to manage increasing energy demand from horticultural facilities through incentive programs for a broader range of efficient and effective horticultural lighting products.

Next Steps

  • September 2021: V2.1 Technical Requirements go into effect
Timing for Horticultural Technical Requirements V2.0 and V2.1