The DLC Team

The DLC Team is passionate about fostering discussion and creating solutions in the lighting industry through open dialogue and collaboration. We hail from a variety of backgrounds, but are united by a common goal: to drive energy efficiency in the commercial lighting market and beyond.

  • Christina Halfpenny

    Christina Halfpenny

    Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer

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  • Bagwat Mohan

    Bagwat Mohan

    Senior Technical Operations Analyst

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  • Stephen White

    Stephen White

    Chief Operating Officer

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  • Levin Nock

    Levin Nock

    Senior Technical Manager

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  • Axel Pearson

    Axel Pearson

    Senior Technical Product Manager

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  • Stuart Berjansky

    Stuart Berjansky

    Technical Director

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  • Dorene Maniccia

    Dorene Maniccia

    Director of Market Strategy and Development

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  • Leora Radetsky

    Leora Radetsky

    Senior Lighting Scientist

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  • Liesel Whitney-Schulte

    Liesel Whitney-Schulte

    Program Director

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  • Andrea Shapiro

    Andrea Shapiro

    Manager of Communications

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  • Paul Ayers

    Paul Ayers

    Associate Director of Business Intelligence

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  • Bernadette Boudreaux

    Bernadette Boudreaux

    Senior Technical Operations Manager

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  • Aaron Feldman

    Aaron Feldman

    Senior Technical Operations Analyst

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  • Erin Walling

    Erin Walling

    Technical Operations Analyst

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  • Christiana Hallal

    Christiana Hallal

    Senior Program Analyst

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  • Kasey Holland

    Kasey Holland

    Technical Manager

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  • Doug Paton

    Doug Paton

    Technical Manager

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  • Heather Jones

    Heather Jones

    Program Associate

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  • Andrew Knapik

    Andrew Knapik

    Program Analyst

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  • Lani Malapan

    Lani Malapan

    Manager of Member Services

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