DLC’s Decade of Impact

Over the past decade, the DesignLights Consortium, working in collaboration with its members and stakeholders, has played a vital role in making a positive impact and contributing to the savings realized by its members.

Embarking on a decade-long collaborative expedition, the DLC has forged partnerships that have scaled our impact to unprecedented levels. Together with our dedicated members, we’ve created a ripple effect that resonates across industries and communities, proving that energy efficiency is not just a choice but a powerful force for positive change. As we reflect on the past ten years, it’s not just about the savings achieved but the monumental scale of transformation we’ve collectively orchestrated. Join us in continuing to light the way to a more sustainable and decarbonized future.

What’s Happening Today

Through our comprehensive stakeholder process, we’ve propelled progress in efficiency, elevated standards of quality, and enhanced controllability.

Hear from Tina Halfpenny about how the collective strength and expertise of DLC members, stakeholders and industry partners have had an outsized impact on market transformation and energy efficiency.

Find out more about the DLC’s activities and goals.