The Policy Development Process

The DLC Workplan Timeline displays the current initiatives in our pipeline. Get full transparency into the DLC policy development process and submit your feedback via comment forms. This continuously updating timeline helps us solicit more feedback from members and industry stakeholders, as well as meet the needs of the evolving lighting market. Click on any policy below for more detailed information. 

Current Status of Development Efforts

Workplan Timeline Overview

The DLC carefully evaluates every initiative for its impact on industry, environment, and end-users. We tap market experts, manufacturers, and other industry stakeholders to help establish verified, trustworthy requirements to keep the lighting industry at the forefront of sustainability and carbon reduction efforts. The DLC follows a 6-step process to craft comprehensive criteria that address the needs of our energy efficiency program members and industry partners alike. Learn how our process creates policies that enable an energy optimized built environment.

  1. Research: The DLC team conducts a thorough data analysis to understand the problems we want to solve. Our expert team performs market research and interviews industry professionals to craft initiatives that serve our mission to promote energy efficient, high quality technology solutions.
  2. EE Member Input: We value our energy efficiency program members’ expertise. That’s why the DLC sends all proposals to our Member Technical Committee for feedback.
  3. Policy Drafts: The DLC then drafts a policy based on our research and efficiency program member input.
  4. Comment Period(s): In the comment period, we release the draft policy to all stakeholders and collect comments through guided comment forms. Depending on the complexity of the initiative, we often compose several drafts and open the policy up for several comment periods.
  5. Final Policy Release: Our team makes revisions based on everyone’s feedback and finalizes the draft to become official policy.
  6. Policy Effective: The DLC will advise on when the policy goes into effect, so all stakeholders have time to understand how the new requirements and policies will affect them.

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