Energy Optimization for Horticultural Lighting

As a rapidly growing sector, controlled environment agriculture is ripe with potential for energy savings, and installing energy-efficient LEDs from the get-go can improve crop yields while reducing climate impact. The DLC’s Horticultural QPL is the first Qualified Products List for energy-efficient horticultural lighting. Growers rely on the Horticultural QPL to validate performance claims so they can find efficient and effective indoor lighting options for their crops and keep up with cutting-edge technologies. Together, we can improve the efficiency of sustainable indoor agriculture, and could save up to $240 million worth of energy every year through horticultural lighting optimization.

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increase in listed fixtures on the Hort QPL since the start of 2020 – meaning more product variety and savings

$240 million

total possible annual energy savings if horticultural facilities switch to LED lighting

Updates to Horticultural Technical Requirements

The DLC has adopted a preset revision cycle for the Horticultural Lighting Technical Requirements and QPL to give greater predictability surrounding changes to end users.

The QPL will undergo 24-month major revision cycles focusing on efficacy and structural updates, and 12-month minor revision cycles focusing on administrative and process improvements.

Version Status Effective Date Update By Delist Date Documentation
ACTIVE Sep 1, 2021 -- -- Download PDF
ACTIVE Mar 31, 2021 -- -- Download PDF
PHASING OUT Oct 21, 2019 Dec 31, 2021 Jan 31, 2022 (Tentative date) Download PDF