Qualify a LUNA Product

The DLC qualifies LUNA products through the same application process as SSL products, for inclusion under the LUNA designation on the Solid-State Lighting QPL. Products must be marketed as and intended for one of the available product categories and meet the DLC’s LUNA Technical Requirements to be eligible for qualification under LUNA. Manufacturers must list full and complete model numbers in all application submissions.

Please review Product Eligibility, the Solid-State Lighting and LUNA Technical Requirements, and any additional testing and reporting requirements for your specific product categories to determine whether your product is eligible before submitting an application.

Applicants submitting LUNA products must use the LUNA Pre-submission Tool available on the MyDLC dashboard to generate the required luminous intensity and SPD images. This tool allows submitters to upload an .IES or .SPDX document to validate, generate, preview and download DLC-formatted luminous intensity distribution and spectral power distribution (SPD) images in .png format, which are required in the application submission process for LUNA products.

The application is evaluated against the SSL and LUNA Technical Requirements versions in effect at the time the application is submitted. Re-submissions of an application are evaluated against either the original version of the Technical Requirements, or the version in effect when the re-submission was received, at the discretion of the DLC reviewer.

The DLC reserves the right to alter or amend program policies, including Technical Requirements, such changes may result in products being removed from the QPL at the discretion of the DLC.

Please contact with any questions about submitting an application to the DLC.

The Application Process

The LUNA Application Process

  • Level 1 (formerly Single Product) Applications

    For single products or a group of products where the only variations are CCT, dimming capability, certain voltage variations, and/or variations that do not affect product performance.

  • Level 2 (formerly Family Grouping) Applications

    For groups of products that may include variations beyond CCT or dimming capabilities. All variations of the family must be scalable and relatable.

  • Private Label Applications

    For private labels of products or groups of products that are currently listed on the Qualified Products List.

  • Product Update Applications

    Update a previously listed product or family grouping with dimming information or to meet the most recent version of the Technical Requirements.

  • Delisting Requests

    For submitters to request to remove products that are currently listed on the Qualified Products List.