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The DLC is a non-profit organization improving energy efficiency, lighting quality, and the human experience in the built environment. We collaborate with utilities, energy efficiency programs, manufacturers, lighting designers, building owners, and government entities to create rigorous criteria for lighting performance that keeps up with the pace of technology. Together, we’re creating solutions for a better future with better lighting.

Our mission is to achieve energy optimization by enabling controllability with a focus on quality, people, and the environment. The DLC’s many initiatives include three Qualified Products Lists for energy efficient lighting technology: Solid-State Lighting, Networked Lighting Controls (NLC), and Horticultural Lighting. We also offer an extensive library of resources, research, and tools that help accelerate the adoption of energy efficient, quality lighting solutions.

Evaluating the non-energy benefits of advanced networked lighting controls

Evaluating the Non-Energy Benefits of Advanced Networked Lighting Controls

This resource, which summarizes research commissioned by the DLC and conducted by Skumatz Economic Research Associates, Inc. (SERA), identifies non-energy benefits (NEBs) specific to NLC usage and develops a methodology for assigning them quantitative values. 

Specifying non-white light sources in outdoor applications to reduce light pollution

Journal Article: Specifying non-white light sources in outdoor applications to reduce light pollution

This journal article, originally published in Leukos on January 5, 2023, proposes a specification structure for amber light sources to increase the precision of language used in the industry, and encourages lighting standards development organizations to consider standardizing such a system. It also demonstrates that non-white light sources with well-defined chromaticity ranges outside of the ANSI C78.377-2017 quadrangles may be useful for reducing wasted light that causes sky glow, a phenomenon that is associated with approximately $7 billion in wasted energy and nearly 66 million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Outdoor Lighting Ordinances

Learn more about outdoor lighting ordinances and find the states, provinces, and cities/towns/counties throughout Canada and the U.S. with an outdoor lighting ordinance.

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