Integrating Networked Lighting in the Built Environment

Networked lighting controls are systems where individual lighting elements are interconnected through a digital network, enabling centralized management and automation for enhanced energy efficiency. This technology is the gateway to carbon-neutral, energy-optimized cities. However, it must become ubiquitous and operate seamlessly to achieve real energy savings. That’s why the DLC created the networked lighting controls program and Qualified Products List. Our rigorous requirements for listing empower architects and designers to tap into energy efficiency incentives when they design, build, and update commercial structures with Network Lighting Control Systems. Alongside the QPL, our suite of resources and trainings help ensure that contractors and installers have the information they need to successfully implement this critical technology at scale.


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Updates to NLC Technical Requirements

Each revision to the Networked Lighting Controls Technical Requirements is distributed through the DLC Stakeholder Input Process and comments will be considered for each revision, ensuring the most advanced lighting systems are incorporated. This process begins in January of each year to allow sufficient time for stakeholder input for each proposed revision. Manufacturers must requalify and relist their systems each year, in line with the annual Technical Requirements revision schedule.

Grace Period Policy: A one-year listing grace period is provided for systems that have been qualified under a previous version of the Technical Requirements but do not meet revised requirements. This grace period provides a period of one year for manufacturers to revise their current systems or offer a new system that qualifies according to the most current version of the Technical Requirements.

Learn more about the revision schedule here.

VersionStatusApp Cut-Off Delist Date Documentation
NLC5.1 PUBLISHED ---- Download PDF
NLC5 ACTIVE ---- Download PDF
NLC V4 DELISTED Apr 15, 2020 Feb 28, 2022 Download PDF
NLC V3 DELISTED Apr 15, 2019 Oct 31, 2019 Download PDF